Playing at your First Online Casino

When playing at your first online casino, remember that you are supposed to be having fun, so the best thing to do would be to set limits. Online casinos today are supposed to actively promote responsible gambling and this means that you should always be able to find a feature that allows you to set deposit limits, session time limits and/or spending limits.

As soon as you have logged into your account for the very first time, we advise you to set these limits. You may need to click on the ‘responsible gambling’ button to set them. Alternatively, you can either contact the customer support and they should be able to set sensible limits for you or you can do it yourself in the ‘my account’ area of the casino. Consider how much you think would be a suitable amount before setting these limits.

If, for example, you only earn $/€/£400 per week, you may want to set your ‘weekly’ deposit limit to just $/€/£20. This means that as soon as you have deposited $/€/£20 you WON’T be able to deposit any more cash for at least another seven days. You could even set the deposit limit to $/€/£20 per day, or per month, it’s up to you. Just remember to set sensible limits. If you want to change these limits at any time, the new limits will generally not come into effect for at least 24 hours and this is a great tool which is designed to prevent you from gambling too much in the casino.

If you decided not to set spending limits, you just need to make sure that you manage your bankroll as best you can. Always keep an eye on your stake/table limits & balance and always try to place sensible bets. For example if you do only deposit just $/€/£20, it would be silly to play just one hand of blackjack at $/€/£20. It would also be silly to start playing on a slot at $/€/$10 per spin. When playing like this, your session time could be over in just a few seconds.

Don’t forget that if you do encounter any kind of technical difficulty or if you have a general query you can always contact the customer support. We also advise you to practice on a game in the free play mode before playing for real, at least until you familiarise yourself with the game rules etc. The golden rule is to try and have fun when playing in an online casino.